The L A B

Investigating the latest discoveries in the fields of science as well old traditional beliefs from around the world, the host Jimmy Imagine explores the possible futures as well as the pasts of humanity we may have never heard of. Just Imagine is a filmed podcast with live conversations taking place alongside with a filmed performance taking place in a dystopic environment called the grid. The aim being to nourish an open mind around questions that have long since haunted humanity, to which answers remain just as elusive today as they were then. In a world of ever increasing abstraction, the grid calls out to what really makes a body. What would be made of memories and sensations in a space where not only the feeling of physical contact is simulated, but the entire notion of time becomes evanescent. Through a thread of often free association images and ideas, filmic extracts, guided through with humour by the host, the aim is to demystify these far out matters and retain something concrete and accessible for a wider audience.


Wedntknwyet is an artistic duo composed by Oscar Cassamajor and Loucka Elie Fiagan. They experiment with the medium of performance, merging a wide variety of mediums through a DIY approach. Their work is a blend of surrealism and afrofuturism, approaching such thematics as madness in society, paranormal states, the relations between dreams and reality, technology and hyperrealities as well as hybrid identities. By merging different mediums they tend to construct dense atmospheres where the audience is fully immersed within a spatial, visual and musical experience. Their piece ‘Bluland’ was last played in Arenberg for Wipcoop in November 2019. Alongside with the performer Milo Van Preet, they also both collaborated in the creation and played as performers in Coloured Swans III, a piece that premièred in KVS in September 2020. The piece was directed by the choreographer Moya Michael.